Treat your furbabies to some extra special treats from our Biscuit Bar during their stay!
Spoil your pooch with an evening goody or individual activity while are meant for splurging!
Yummy treats:
Hot Dogs (no bun):  $2.00
Homemade puppy ice cream:  $2.50
Tuna treats:  $2.00
Cat nip treats:  $2.00
Birthday ice cake:  $10.00
Kong (Peanut Butter or Mashed Potatoes): $4.00
Additional activities:
Private swim time:  $12 for 20 min
Frisbee catch:  $10 for 20 min
Tennis ball toss:  $10 for 20 min
Salon hair brushing:  $10
Full body massage:  $10 for 20 min
Laser tag:  $10 for 20 min