What are the vaccination requirements to bring my dog to Happy Paws?

We require an up to date Rabies vaccine, DHLPP, Bordetella vaccine, and a negative Fecal Exam. The Bordetella vaccine and Fecal Exam are required every 6 months. We highly recommend the Canine Influenza Vaccines (H3N2/H1N8). We ask that all pets receive any vaccines at least 48 hours prior to coming to the facility.

What are the vaccination requirements to bring my cat to Happy Paws?

We require an up to date Rabies vaccine, FVRCP and Feline Leukemia vaccine. We ask that all pets receive any vaccines at least 72 hours prior to coming to the facility.

How old does my puppy have to be to spend the night at Happy Paws?

There isn’t necessarily an age requirement. If your puppy is too young for their Rabies vaccine, they can still spend the night with at least 2 rounds of DHLPP, a Bordetella vaccine and a negative Fecal Exam; however, your pet will not be able to interact with other dogs without ALL vaccines required.

Are there any Multiple Pet Discounts?

Yes, if pets are sharing a room during a boarding stay the second pet will be 25% off of the regular boarding fee for that room.

Can I bring items for my pets' boarding stay?

We provide elevated beds, bowls and plenty of belly rubs. Only thing you need to bring is the food pre-bagged and labeled for morning (AM) and night (PM) feedings. If you wish to bring a personal blanket or toy, please make sure to label them. Toys need to be at least 1” of width.

Does anyone spend the night at facility?

Staff does not stay overnight, but we do take all guests out for a potty break between 8 and 10pm.

Do I need to make a reservation for your services?

Yes – Reservations are required for all services. Boarding reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance. Call us for special holiday booking policies. Daycare reservations can be made at any time, however we recommend at least 24 hours in advance, as our groups do fill up. Please keep in mind that our overnight rooms book quickly so making a reservation in advance is the only way to ensure we can care for your pet while you’re away.

Can I leave my pet in your care over holidays?

Yes, holiday boarding is very popular at Happy Paws. We do have more specific booking policies for major holidays. Contact us to find out more about holiday booking dates and qualification to our loyalty program. Please keep in mind that our lobby is closed for drop off and pick up on most major holidays.

Is my dog eligible for day care?

For your dog to be eligible for daycare they need to be up to date on all Happy Paws required vaccines, be spayed/neutered (if over 6 months) and get along well with other dogs. If your pup is eligible, the next step is to set up a free temperament evaluation in order to come in for daycare. If they pass the evaluation you are able to make day care reservations 7 days a week and they will automatically be included in group play while boarding. We have no breed restrictions.

What kind of collar or harness does my dog need to wear for day care?

All dogs must wear a daycare approved collar while at Happy Paws. This means a standard snap release collar. For safety reasons; belt buckle type collars, or those with chain, leather or prongs are not allowed in daycare. Harness are also not allowed in daycare, but you are more than welcome to walk your dog in on a harness. There is a $3 rental fee for any dog that does not have the appropriate collar.

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